Alzheimers Care in London Ontario


Alzheimers Care

When I was 18 years old, my Bopa was diagnosed with Alzheimers. My family moved in with Bopa to care for him [read more...]. 

If you or your loved one has Alzheimers, from my heart to yours – I understand what you're going through. 

This disease affects every person very differently. For some, there’s a fast onset and some can be very gradual. 
Your doctor will be able to help you figure it all out with a battery of tests. 

From there, I recommend developing a plan that will best benefit your loved one. 

Supports in home are a great way to start while you move through understanding and coping with the diagnosis.

For the best quality of life possible, here are a few things I have learned that are important to focus on:

1. Exercise

2. Social Life: try new things – e.g., try an Alzheimer’s group in the community that offers help. Day programs can be very helpful and offer great relief for caregivers. Most of these programs are free or very low cost, but the wait times can be long so start researching options right away). 

In London Ontario, contact the Alzheimers Society for more information.

3. A good schedule: try to stay organized 

4. Challenge your brain regularly: read a book, do a suduko, crossword, wordsearch 

5. Listen to music: music brings you back to days gone by and allows reminscing!!!

6. Contact a doctor immediately if you have any signs or feel like something is off – Alzheimers affects everyone differently and there are new medications now that can be very helpful!!! 

It is my life's work to offer Alzheimers help and (importantly) relief for you. 

"I treat our Seniors like family: with the utmost respect, compassion, and love they deserve."

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