Palliative Care Support in London, Ontario


Nothing really prepares you for the end of a life.

Unless you've been there. 

Nothing really prepares you for the end of a life.

Sometimes it's hard to know what words to say, how to act, what to do. 

Sometimes you feel helpless. 

Here are some tips: 

1. Create an environment of love and comfort. What is most important is that your loved one is not suffering. Each situation is unique, the most common element in palliative care is LOVE!!! 

2. Comfort items: pictures, comfy blankets, body positioning (to ensure that your loved one is never sitting or laying in the same postion. This improves skin integrity and helps with comfort. 

3. TOUCH!! Hold their hand, rub their arm, kiss them, human contact is powerful and offers instant comfort and has healing properties that can help with keeping your loved one at ease. 

You want your loved one to feel supported and not alone. 

I always believe in communicating with them regardless of the situation. Talking, singing and story telling, share your life together in celebrating all you have been able to do together. 

If you are needing some relief / backup from an experienced, compassionate person who has been there, please feel free to call me. 

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