Testimonials – Success Stories in London, Ontario

Loving attention and respect

“Deb has been a part of our family and one of our Mom’s dearest friends for almost 5 years now. Her loving attention and respect for my Mom’s well being and care is something we could have never expected, but appreciate more than I think Deb will ever know.” - Tony


Thanks Deborah, you are a gem!

“My father was in an Ontario care home, way across the country from where I lived in BC. The care home referred us to a few names of companies who provided services for the elderly. We engaged Deborah after our first phone call, her upbeat personality and her commitment to advocate for our father's needs in our absence was just the ticket. It was arranged for one weekly visit and Dad would decide if he was comfortable with Deborah. She was a hit, Dad enjoyed a stimulating conversation and a Tim Horton's coffee and donut, right away he increased their visits to twice a week. Sometimes Deborah would take him to the mall so he could shop or just have a break from the home. As Dad's physical condition began to deteriorate, Deborah would visit more often as needed or pick up the things that he requested. Dad passed away unexpectedly and Deborah was available immediately the next day to pack up his belongings and sort through what could be donated. This was a big help to the family, as the turnaround in care homes is about 2 days max, as there is a long waiting list to accommodate. Deborah was a highlight in Dad's weekly activities and they developed a friendship, so it was no surprise to us that Deborah came to the funeral and helped where she could. We highly recommend the services that Deborah and her company offers. . .  Thanks, Deborah, you are a gem!"  
–  Linda Zupancic

A constant light

“Deb has been a constant light in our life. The beautiful loving personal care she provides daily for my Mom, as well as the end-of-life care she provided for my very private father has been such a gift. She brings joy and laughter with her no nonsense care for her patients who become nothing less than family and friends.” 

– Anne Marie D.

Part of the family

“Deborah (or Deb #2 as our family affectionately calls her) came into our lives when my in-laws needed a little extra help about 6 years ago. Now she is considered part of the family! Deb#2 is full of life, has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. Being so far away from Mom is hard on the family but we know she is well taken care of and in great hands with Deb#2! We couldn’t imagine Mom living in London without her!” 

– Deb #1

A great friend

"Deb just had to be part of my parent’s 60th Anniversary party.  It was a surprise weekend away for family and my dad’s closest friends, who’s family were like our cousins! Of course Deb (and her fiancée Jon) were part of the celebration. Deb has become a great friend to my mom (while being an exceptional caregiver of course) and also was there to provide the care and support that my dad needed to maintain his life, friends and hobbies. Dad and all of us knew that our mom/wife was being loved and taken care of by someone wonderful. We are so grateful for Deb and what she has done for our family and consider her ‘one of us’ in decisions about our mom. I truly believe Deb has helped to slow the progression of mom’s Alzheimer’s by maintaining a fun filled, social, joke filled and active lifestyle that my mom loves!  Thanks Deb for giving us the best for our mom and dad!"
– Diane Padoin

A patient & wonderful caregiver

"For the past 4.5 years, we have had the privilege of having Deb as a caretaker for our parents, Tony & Joanne.  

Deb started out looking after Mom, who has Alzheimer’s, but when Dad was diagnosed with cancer, Deb was there to provide excellent care for him as well. 

Dad passed away last year, and our Mom has has recently moved into a retirement home. Deb is continuing to care for Mom on a regular basis to help her with grooming & hygiene, and care during the day. Over all this time, Deb has proven herself over and over again as a patient & wonderful caregiver, and as a friend to all. Her reliable care and attention to detail are excellent, and her upbeat attitude keeps Mom and everyone smiling and happy. 

We feel very fortunate to have Deb as a caregiver & companion in Mom’s life, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for similar care."
– Rob & Donna Crncich

We are thankful

"Deborah has been visiting my mother at Highview Residences for the past year. My mother enjoys these visits and always has a big smile for her. Deborah often takes her for a walk outside in her wheelchair. My mother enjoys that so much. Deborah will often send me a text message, with a picture, telling me how my mother was that day and what they did. Her visits certainly contribute to my mother’s quality of life, and we are thankful for what she does."
– Wilma

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